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Trade Show Games attract new customers! Get ROI and more sales with a promotional virtual trade show booth games! Now remember by using Trade Show Booth Games,  your trade show game at your next event can make a surprisingly substantial positive impact on your company’s event table traffic, your company staff success, improving your company’s brand image, getting more new leads, collecting lead data, increasing and generating sales, return on investment, and so much more. 

Virtual Promotional Trade Show Games Uses:
  • Introducing New Products
  • Online/ Retail / Ecommerce
  • Retail Store Sales
  • Promotions and Storewide Events
  • Tradeshows and Conferences
  • Virtual Tradeshows and Conferences
  • Webinars and On-Demand Events
  • Web Conferencing and Virtual Meetings
Trade Show Booth Games Features:
  • Controlled odds of winning/losing plays.
  • You choose the specific prizes and quantities available for each prize.
  • Optional data collection for your database.
  • Completely customizable design options.
  • Available on all devices.
  • Protection from fraud.
  • SSL Secured Data

Trade Show Games will help drive more traffic to you! So you can capture more leads and close more deals.

Trade Show Games | Virtual Trade Show GamesPicture yourself at a tradeshow, surrounded by a sea of booths with huge displays, product images, and literature to boot. Which of those booths are you most likely to visit? The one with the Digital Cash Cube Money Machine Trade Show Games on the Big Screen! Our versatile digital games are available for use on cell phones, tablets, and monitors and can be used with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube & LinkedIn. With hundreds of ways to utilize our games to benefit your business, let the games begin!

Your experience with virtual tradeshow games will be a personal one. We’ve worked with businesses and organizations from numerous industries, so our Trade Show Games Specialists are standing by to give you the help and support needed to choose the right digital promotional game tailored to your unique business needs. We’ll help you through every step of the design and application and provide a product you will be proud to showcase. We can even provide you with ideas for imprinted merch to distribute as prizes…

Benefits of Going Digital Trade Show Game Booths – Increase Your ROI and Increase Sales!

One of the most significant aspects of our online promotional games is the ability to take them anywhere and to get real time analytics! Available for display on a cell phone, tablet, or monitor, digital games are by far the most versatile promotional attraction products available today. Imagine tracking your progress in real time with our dashboard reports. Identify opportunities for improvement and celebrate your success. Consider being able to download your data into excel for further analysis or loading into your company’s CRM platform.

Your Special event visitors will line up for a chance to play and maybe win! is your complete solution for capturing leads, tracking prize inventory, and comparing results across numerous trade shows. 

Want to make a BIG impact? Showcase the Digital Spinning Wheel on the big screen at your tradeshow booth to drive traffic and engage a crowd. Don’t forget to share the virtual promotional game and your booth number via social media before the show. Contestants will surely share the fun they had with your #DigitalSpinningWheel In addition, the use of a Digital Promotional Trade Show Game provides you with an Instant Audience. The ability to easily share the Virtual Promotional game on your website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, will attract a larger audience and excite current customers to return for your products or services

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The Blizzard of Dollars Cash Cube Money Machine

Few tradeshow games can draw a crowd like a Cash Cube Money Machine – Trade Show Games! A contestant steps inside the Money Machine and the crowd goes wild, as hundreds of dollar bills or promotional vouchers swirl around in a frenzy. Players then have 25 seconds to try their luck at catching the cash and stuffing it into their Blizzard of Dollars Apron.

Using a Cash Money Machine is both a highly effective (and exciting!) attraction as well as a great way to increase your sales – which is why many companies choose custom printed promotional vouchers or stock money that can only be spent on their products or services. You reap the benefits of in-show publicity while ensuring after-show business. You can even build more excitement by letting attendees win a chance to step inside the Money Machine by spinning a customized Prize Wheel.Trade Show Cash Cube Visitor - Winning Cash

With the Cash Cube Money Machine – Trade Show Games , your return on investment can easily exceed your expectations. Want to see for yourself? Rent one for your next show. A perfect trade show attraction to rent, Money Machines are portable, effortless to set up, and easy to use, yet may be the best part of the show.

We also offer a large selection of money machines for purchase, such as hard case money machines, Blizzard of Dollars Cash Cube Money Machines, inflatable money machines, and budget money machines – all in a variety of styles. We can even customize an inflatable money machine for your company and event. Want to know more about Promotional Money Machines and what they can do for you? Speak to a Trade Show Games Specialist at 800-573-3111.

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Promotional Products - Trade Show Giveaways

Tradeshow entertainment giveaways attracts visitors to your booth, but offering an array of customized promotional products that visitors will actually want and use is the best way to assure long-term impact. The best tradeshow marketing product giveaways won’t bust your budget, yet will strengthen your brand in the eyes of trade show attendees and also stir up interest in your brand among new potential buyers.

We offer over 750,000 affordable promotional item giveaways that that people will use long beyond the show. You can easily browse our vast selection via the search box on our website to find something that is affordable, practical, related to your company and event, and most importantly, customizable.

Branding products with your logo or marketing message gives them long-lasting impact. High quality, yet affordable products, like a travel mug, a quality keychain, or a practical flash drive will continue to be useful to attendees long after the event! Want to know more about personalize products that make good tradeshow game giveaways? Connect with one of our Trade Show Giveaways Specialists at 800-573-3111.

Now remember by using Trade Show Giveaways and Promotional Products,  your trade show game at your next event can make a surprisingly substantial positive impact on your company’s event table traffic, your company staff success, improving your company’s brand image, getting more new leads, collecting lead data, increasing and generating sales, return on investment, and so much more. 

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The Prize Vault - Fun Trade Show Booth Games

Even busy trade show visitors will stop in their tracks for chance at winning $10,000 when you use the Prize Vault. This popular convention game challenges visitors to guess the 4-6 digit combination of a see-through safe filled with cash or a grand prize. Your tradeshow games staff has plenty of time to engage the line of attendees that forms as they await their chance to walk away rich! In lieu of the big cash prize, you can fill the safe with gift certificates or luxury branded promotional items to carry your name beyond the trade show.

Prize Vaults are available for rent, and can be used for virtually any promotion. By buying the optional insurance for the $10,000 jackpot, you won’t even have to advance your company’s money for the prize. For only a small percentage of the jackpot total, you can rent the safe and insure the winnings! If a guest wins, we pay the amount of the prize while you get all the publicity!

If you buy a safe, we can even customize it with your company logo and upgrade your purchase with a customized pedestal for displaying the Prize Safe at the show or your place of business. Want to know more about the Promotional Prize Vault? Our Trade Show Promotions Specialists are waiting to hear from you at 800-573-3111.

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Customizable Scratch Off Cards

To build interest in visiting your convention games – even prior to the event – using Scratch Off Cards is a smart way to maximize your publicity. By mailing Scratch Off Cards to show attendees a few weeks prior to the event and also handing them out at the door, you make your booth a destination.

Scratch Cards are completely customizable to fit your strategy for promoting the show. You should offer some enticing prizes to winners, but assure that every visitor walks away with a branded giveaway. Anticipate using the cards at multiple events? Just print numbers on them rather than specific prizes so that curious visitors have one more reason to check out your booth.

When people visit your booth to claim their prizes, your sales staff has the perfect opportunity to engage them prior to handing over the prize. For information about Customizable Scratch Off Cards, call a Trade Show Promotions Specialist at 800-573-3111.

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The Trade Show Promotion Prize Wheel

Regardless of what industry you are in, a Prize Wheel is a great promotional tool to stop traffic, add excitement, and draw a crowd to your booth! Show attendees flock to the bright colors and remain mesmerized as they hear the wheel clicking then slowing to a stop on a prize. You not only draw lots of people to your exhibit, but also make them aware of your product and your company. When you use promotional items as your prizes, you incorporate a high degree of brand awareness into the fun.

Prize Wheels feature changeable panels so you can plan for future marketing events, and you can even select a customized wheel that incorporates your company logo and advertising. They are portable and require no maintenance, which makes them a fast, effective, user-friendly marketing tool!

Whether you want our 20.5 inch mini wheel that has 12 slots that you can interchange and customize, or our colossal 72 inch wheel, using Promotional Prize Wheels promotes convention excitement. Find out more by chatting with a Trade Show Promotions Specialist at 800-573-3111.

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Plinko - Exciting Trade Show Games

A fun way to drive traffic to your booth, Plinko boards engage show visitors who try to maneuver a puck into a prize slot as it bounces down the board. The process often draws a crowd as people wait their turn to try the game, which offers your representatives time to interact with attendees and distribute samples or giveaways.

Our lightweight Plinko boards come in a wide array of sizes and colors, fabricated from steel and ABS plastic, they are durable, portable, and light, while requiring no assembly. Since they are built for years of service, you can keep them constantly fresh by changing the face with templates from our website; for double exposure, you can add Plinko pucks with your brand on both sides that will be visible to attendees as the puck moves down the board.

Marketing with the classic Plinko Boards creates results for tradeshow marketers. Ask about incorporating Plinko Boards into your marketing by speaking with a Trade Show Promotions Specialist at 800-573-3111.

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Phone Charging Station

When it comes to tradeshow, your 1st goal is to provide value to your customers, and secondly to maximize your ROI. Tradeshows are great places to network and exchange ideas, as well as making a lasting impression on attendees.
Customers who use phone charging stations have seen on average a foot traffic increase by nearly 35% and are a great way to provide value to attendees at these trade shows.
With these custom phone charging stations you can offer prospects the availability to charge their mobile devices such as: Smart Phones, iPads, and tablets. This allows your customers to stay connected with family and co-workers, while giving you a prime opportunity to interact and engage with these prospects.

We offer various styles of custom phone charging stations such as:

  • Custom branded table-top chargers
  • Custom branded floor model chargers
  • Tables with foot rest and built-in charging stations
  • Affordable DIY custom branded table with an added charging station models

Why stop there?
Maybe these guests had to pack in a hurry and forgot to bring their phone chargers. In addition to charging their phone at your booth, you good offer them a charging cable organizer with your branding, or a portable power bank with your logo!
Tradeshow attractions, such as phone charging stations, have the power to generate brand awareness and a great user experience to bring life to your booth!
Check out our large selection of custom phone charging stations to rent or purchase yours today!
Still have questions about custom phone charging stations? Speak to a Trade Show Promotions Specialist at 800-573-3111.

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Prize Decoder Game - Unique Trade Show Games

Our Traffic Ticket promotion is YOUR ticket to cutting edge trade show attractions. The Prize Decoder, an electronic Interactive Promotional Technology, is one of the most effective direct mail trade show marketing ideas available. Your booth visitors simply insert the Prize Decoder Traffic Ticket into the electronic decoder. Instantly, attendees can see what prize they have won. Every ticket can be a guaranteed winner!

Available for rent, the Prize Decoder give you the opportunity to promote your brand with completely customized panels and traffic tickets designed by our in-house art department. Build your mailing lists by collecting attendees’ contact information on the customized ticket.

With its interchangeable design, the Prize Decoder can be used repeatedly for almost any promotional event. Purchase this trade show attraction and you will never have to worry about finding effective convention games again! Whether you deliver Traffic Tickets into customers’ hands or use them in a direct mail campaign, attendees can’t wait to see what they have won. They rush to your booth in large numbers, giving you ample time to deliver your sales pitch! Still have questions about the Prize Decoder Scan to Win Promotion? Speak to a Trade Show Promotions Specialist at 800-573-3111.

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The Bingo Blower Game | Trade Show Games

Ever want to get attention fast? Here’s the Pick 6 Bingo Blower© It’s a fun blend of two great American classics: Bingo and Lottery. The Pick 6 Bingo Blower© is a high speed, fast paced game that sits conveniently on a table top. It’s the perfect gaming experience because everyone wants to play.

The Pick 6 Bingo Blower© takes up to six minutes per round and supports up to 20 contestants. Tradeshow vendors want to bring in the most people for the duration of the show. What a better way, than to offer the Pick 6 Bingo Blower© to buyers who are looking for exciting products for their clients.

The Pick 6 Bingo Blower© is a casino-style dome top blower with a 360° view. While the balls tumble the blower is so quiet, yet provides the perfect amount of air to keep them in constant motion. Everything is customizable so you can have anything emblazoned on your Pick 6 Bingo Blower©.

Your purchase or rental includes, playing cards, balls, ink daubers, table top advertising posters with stands, and a winning ball display. Still have questions about Pick 6 Bingo Blower©? Speak to a Tradeshow Marketing Specialist at 1-800-573-3111.

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Interactive Booth Games | Trade Show Games

Giant Fast Four Game With 4 Color LogoOur Interactive Booth Games available exclusively via is an amazingly great way to combine the thrill of a fun activity and the need to attract as many visitors as possible to your event booth. Thus your ability to increase sales of your products and services to get a positive ROI for using an interactive booth game such as one of these shown here.

The Interactive Booth Trade Show Games are built to deliver strong sales volume potential when at the event. We can ensure your business or charity branding is on your game. This includes using your colors, your information and highlighting your services that the event’s attendee can read as they play. We want to connect the game’s theme to your services to solely achieve the primary goal of increasing your brand’s their exposure during the event. No matter what game you choose, you will appeal to people’s desire to win ‘free stuff’. Your interactive booth games can lead to networking / sales conversations during the event too.  

Puttskee® Putting GameRemember that our interactive booth trade show games creates quality advertising products for businesses that want to gain an edge over the competition. Brand awareness is often half the battle in acquiring new customers. These booth games let people know where you are and encourage them to engage with you.

We offer a fast turnaround on our products design services. When you submit your design request, we will get back to you fast during regular business hours. We also provide price match and satisfaction guarantees as well as product warranties. Our Interactive Booth Games are also available for rent with customized graphics and can be designed exclusively for your event. For information about our interactive booth games, speak to a Trade Show Games Specialist at 800-573-3111.

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Buzzwire Game | Cool Trade Show Games

Want to generate a buzz for your products and services? With the Buzzwire Game, contestants navigate a wand around a circular wire to make it to the other side of the machine. If the wand touches the wire, lights flash and the game buzzes loudly to alert the whole room. As people are waiting to play, you’ll have opportunities to keep prospects at your booth longer while your sales staff engages them.

Weighing only 32 pounds, the Buzzwire game is easy to transport and easy to set up, as it runs off a rechargeable power pack that require no cords or outlets. Its large interchangeable front plate can be custom-branded for any event, even if you decide to rent.

The Buzzwire Game currently ranks among the most effective event games on the market, and it is also available for purchase so that you can generate a buzz year round for all your events and promotions. Want to know more about the Promotional Buzzwire Game? Call a Trade Show Promotions Specialist at 800-573-3111.

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Treasure Chest Promotion

There’s something undeniably intriguing about pirate treasure, so the sight of an authentic Treasure Chest in your booth will grab the attention of visitors and draw them in. Whether you fill your chest with cash, coupons, prizes, or personalized giveaways, visitors will line up for a chance to open the chest. You simply offer them a key and let them test their luck at opening the trunk. If you send keys out in advance to hot prospects and customers, you will be sure that they will make your booth a destination.

Treasure Chests are the perfect promotion because they create buzz about your presence at the show while allowing you to control how much you give away. You can still reward those whose keys do not open the chest with promotional items customized with your name; while they are there, you can strike up a conversation and capture lead information for future contact where you can show the customer that your product is the real treasure.

We offer many styles of treasure chests, accessories, and complete kits, along with customized display stands to show off and ensure the safety of your treasure chest. Thinking about using Treasure Chest Promotions? Our Trade Show Promotions Specialists are waiting for you at 800-573-3111.

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Custom Corn Hole Boards - Trade Show Game

Corn Hole, everyone’s favorite trade show game, LED Custom Cornhole Game is a fun game that convention goers will love taking a break from the action to play. You can challenge those who walk by your booth with the chance to test their skills as they try to toss the beanbag into the hole. Tabletop Corn Hole Game is a surefire way to entice people to stop at your booth to participate and watch, which gives you the opportunity to connect with prospective customers.

Your Commercial Grade Cornhole game will come with eight bean bags and a pair of completely customized 33″ x 21″ boards printed in eye-catching colors so that you can attractively present your logo and advertising message. As no assembly is required, Custom Tabletop Cornhole is a fast, easy game to set up at any event or promotion.

While the Can Shape Cornhole corn hole game will create great memories for event attendees, you can increase the excitement by offering imprinted promotional products to the winners. To learn more about Custom LED Wood Cornhole Game Trade Show Games, chat with a Trade Show Promotions Specialist at 800-573-3111.

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Raffle Promotions | Unique Trade Show Games

Raffles have repeatedly proven themselves to be an effective direct mail marketing tool and a surefire way to bring people to your booth. You can mail out preprinted raffle tickets to your hot prospects and entice them to be on hand when you hold the big drawing, or encourage on-site participation by attendees who fill out a contact card. If the show lasts several days, you can encourage multiple visits by holding drawings each day for prizes and products.

Customizable raffle drums are an exciting way to maximize the impact of your raffle! We offer many acrylic raffle drum styles available for sale that we can customize with your logo etched into it, as well as classic brass models.

Regardless of what prizes you offer, our affordable Raffle Drums will make your trade show exhibit stand out and help you collect leads. For more information about Raffle Promotions, call a Virtual Trade Show Games Specialist at 800-573-3111.

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Customized Popcorn Machines

At trade shows, popcorn machines branded for your company allow you to strike up a conversation with hungry tradeshow attendees lured into your booth by the sounds and inviting smell of fresh popcorn. As you are scooping up the hot popcorn into a personalized bag, you can engage in a brief conversation about how the visitor’s interest in your product and even offer them some product literature along with their snack.

For maximum impact, we can customize our stock popcorn machines with a transfer or plaque that you can change for different shows. For best results in making your exhibit stand out, we can emblazon your machine with screen printing, plastic etching, and your choice of color to coordinate with your company’s brand and color scheme.

We can also make custom printed popcorn bags that feature your logo or product and may even contain a coupon or discount on a product. As attendees walk through the show with your popcorn bag, they will send booth traffic back for popcorn and conversation. Wonder how a Customized Popcorn Machines can work for you? Just call a Trade Show Promotions Specialist at 800-573-3111.

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Show Stopping Robots | Trade Show Booth Games

Nothing stops traffic at a tradeshow like a giant robot! Whether you use a larger-than-life robot to direct people toward your booth, pass out literature, or recite a custom script, convention attendees take notice of your exhibit. Available in all sizes and shapes, putting your targeted message in the hands and mouth of an automated Tin Man or a giant mascot robot generates both curiosity and interest in your products.

We rent a variety of robots and each offers a unique experience. Imagine the impact of our 6’6″ animatronic Giant Gorilla waving his hand, moving his torso, and drawing attention to his 21″ by 36″ customizable sign! He will get prospects into your booth faster than you could imagine. While they’re there, you can interact with them to make a personal connection.

Our animated robots also make ideal custom mascots. When you purchase a logo branded one that features your company name, we can customize the robot’s shapes, features, and colors to make him your automated team member! If you are interested in exploring how promotional robots can entertain visitors and make them remember your company, chat with a Trade Show Promotions Specialist at 800-573-3111.

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Photo Booth Rentals

Having a Portable Photo Booth in your exhibit makes you stand out at today’s competitive trade shows as you combine the fun of an old-time Photo Booth with an interesting way to interact with visitors. Adding a,  trade show game to your next event can make a surprisingly substantial positive impact on your company’s event table traffic, your company staff success, improving your company’s brand image, getting more new leads, collecting lead data, increasing and generating sales, return on investment, and so much more. 

Many companies choose to rent these portable Photo Booths, which can be customized with your logo and message on the panels. Renting a Photo Booth gives you a real bang for your buck as your booth serves double duty, attracting visitors while allowing prospects to walk away with a customizable photo strip. Whenever they see their pictures, they will see your logo and think of your company!

If you do multiple events during the year, you might want to purchase a Photo Booth. Our booths are portable, easy to set up, break down, and store. Snap up a Photo Booth today for sale or rent by chatting with a Trade Show Promotions Specialist at 800-573-3111.

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Video Games Attractions | Trade Show Games

Your primary objective at trade shows is to draw in traffic, start conversations, and build a rapport with prospects. Video Game Attractions allow you to accomplish these three important goals while bringing more interest to your trade show booth. When visitors are busy having fun, they let their guard down and you are able to make great connections while laughing and cheering each other on.

Whether you want a nostalgic Pac Man video game that takes visitors back to the 80s where hungry yellow heads captured our hearts and our quarters, or a more contemporary game, we can provide you with video games that will be intriguing while requiring no coins!

When you rent a tabletop game, you’ll find it is just the right size for your tradeshow exhibit. You only have to plug it into a three-pronged outlet and with minimal set up, your game will be ready for crowds to enjoy.

We also have a variety of games available for purchase. Whether you want to go with a classic game or a new and exciting one, you can’t go wrong with Video Game Attractions. Buy or reserve one now with a Virtual Trade Show Games Specialist at 800-573-3111.

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The “Cha-Ching!" Slot Machine

Cha-Ching! The popular sound of a slot machine has the same excitement at a tradeshow as it does in Vegas. When show attendees pull the lever and wait as the reels slowly stop and maybe even land on the grand prize, they have fun and draw a crowd to your booth as well.

Our show-stopping tradeshow Slot Machine is handcrafted and modified for promotional use. The beauty is that visitors receive promotional vouchers from the machine instead of real cash, so you can use it anywhere without the need for special licenses or permits. It still generates the same excitement, and looks and sounds like a “real” slot machine.

When you purchase a fully-customized Cha-Ching! Slot Machine, you can select the images that appear on the wheel, choose the prizes offered, and determine odds of winning, to turn this machine into the ultimate tradeshow promotion! Find out how to make your booth visitors feel like they are at a show in Vegas by speaking to a Trade Show Promotions Specialist at 800-573-3111.

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ATM Promotions - Trade Show Booth Games

Ever visited an ATM and wished for a pile of free money? Since most people share this dream, you can create a tradeshow game that visitors won’t pass up! With our promotional ATM, you can dispense real money as well as prize vouchers, coupons for your products, and gift certificates. When your visitors swipe their promotional card in the machine, they can win a prize of your choosing! How the machine is programmed is up to you; you can make everyone a winner of a small prize or custom coupon or limit the winners.

When you rent a promotional ATM money machine, we can program it how you want it set up. We offer professional installation or staff training on installing and using the machine.

Do you participate in several trade shows each year? If so, purchasing the ATM machine might make sense. The graphics will include your main marketing message and up to eight more pictures or additional custom messages that will scroll across the 10″ color monitor. To make your money machine truly a knockout, you can even add vinyl wraps, custom imprints and custom company colors to the exterior. Wondering if a promotional ATM machine would work for you? Find out by speaking with one of our Virtual Trade Show Games Specialists at 800-573-3111.

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Giant Marketing Balloons, Customized Promotional Inflatables and More

There’s nothing like a giant customized inflatable to make your booth a must-see destination that attendees won’t want to miss! Year after year, promotional Inflatables help you get noticed, pull in traffic, and build your leads and spark sales.

Our wide variety of popular tradeshow inflatables can be customized with your logo or marketing message when you are launching something new or creating a buzz around your current lineup. We can even produce an inflatable version of your product, a replica of your company mascot, or any other shape or object you want to represent your business.

Using customized promotional Inflatables make sense even for small businesses as they provide an inexpensive but big way to get your message to the public. For information about larger-than-life Inflatables that will hover in the air above your booth and make your sales on earth soar, contact a Trade Show Promotions Specialist today at 800-573-3111.